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Import and distribution

We import and distribute pure natural active ingredients: we guarantee the traceability and the performance repeatability of the batches we supply.

We can also supply small batches, so as to allow for and enhance initial prototyping.


We offer consultancy services with regard to: microbiology, the selection of the active ingredient required, process set-up, the choice of the carrier or supporting material, applicable standards, certifications, and laboratory tests.

The regulatory procedure that needs to be followed to enter the market requires specific experience in this sector, to avoid wasting both time and money. Thanks to our cooperation with external microbiology laboratories, we are able to support you all the way to product certification. In this way, you can successfully enter the market quickly and without wasting resources.

Choosing the material that will have to be combined with the appropriate natural ingredient and selecting the correct transformation process requires great expertise in the polymers and fabric sector: ours is at your service.


Ad-hoc formulation to make the active ingredient easy to process for the customer:

  • Water-based or (natural) solvent-based fluid solution formulations

    Spraying, casting, dipping, coating, solutions for endotherapy.

  • Solid polymeric formulations in various thermoset and thermoplastic polymeric families.

    Compound and master formulations based on LDPE, SEBS, HDPE, PP, EVA, TPU, PA, silicone, natural polyisoprene. Moulding, extrusion, filming, calendering, rotational moulding.

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