About us

Why was Abiontek established?

After 40 years of imposed use and abuse of inorganic active ingredients based on chlorine, zinc, and nanoparticles (Ag, Cu, etc.), the bacterial resistance to these substances (which even the FDA defines as mechanic irritants and, sometimes, pesticides) is now both apparent and concerning.

It is therefore necessary to look ahead and propose new active ingredients available in nature to protect ourselves from bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in general.

Major pharmaceutical companies have imposed their patents (which cannot be obtained when natural active ingredients are used), informing their customers of the need to almost systematically assume chemical compounds that in the long term build up in our body, favouring an increasing bacterial resistance to them.

It is sad to mention that the third cause of death in hospitals are infections developed during hospitalisation. Clearly, not only hospitals are subject to these risks.


Starting from the dry biomass obtained from herbs, lichens, algae, vegetables, fruit, seeds, skins, leaves, etc., we can extract from the ‘appropriate’ biomass the natural active ingredient that can provide for man’s increasing need to develop surfaces or devices having antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimycotic, anti-cancer properties.

Many natural active ingredients are largely available on the market, also in a synthetic form, but it is easy to notice that the performance and toxicity of synthetic substances differ from those of their corresponding natural ingredient.

So far, industrial processes have mainly used inorganic active ingredients because of their higher thermal stability during transformation processes. Consequently, the risk of degrading an inorganic active ingredient during transformation is very low.

Organic active ingredients, in turn, can have lower melting points and this makes their transformation very difficult or extremely expensive or limits the chance of success.

Patented technologies

Thanks to a new technology patented by Abiontek, we can ensure top-quality transformation, eliminating the need to perform a large number of expensive final checks on your semi-finished or finished products. Customers can thus be certain that the active ingredient used in the industrial process has not lost its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, etc. properties during the transformation process.

This new technology opens up new opportunities for the use of active ingredients of natural origin in the medical, industrial, and food industries.

Specialised Suppliers

Knowing the natural active ingredients is not enough; it is necessary to rely on specialised suppliers ensuring high-purity batches and performance repeatability.

Abiontek has in place a worldwide supply network that allows it to easily reach producers and quickly obtain active ingredients that are exclusively of natural origin.