Natural Active Ingredients


Abiontek imports and commercialises active ingredients of natural origin, also providing all the related necessary consultancy: from the choice of the natural active ingredient to the development of ad-hoc formulations for each customer’s specific industrial process, all the way to the certification of the finished product.

alghe-e supplementi-per-la-nutrizione-delle-alghe-(muschio-irlandese-wakame-bladderwrack-wakame-fuco-spirulina-clorella)

Natural active ingredients

The active ingredient is the main component of a substance having many biologically beneficial properties. Display a list including examples of the main active ingredients.

New patented technologies

Abiontek can rely on a new patented technology that ensures the quality of the substance transformation process, eliminating the need to carry out a large number of expensive final checks on the customer’s semi-finished or finished products.
This new technology opens up new opportunities offered by the use of active ingredients of natural origin in the medical, industrial, and food sectors.

scienziato-chimico-che-lavora-nel-laboratorio-biologico moderno

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